Sign And Drive: Get a Photo of The Reno Sign and Leave – Reno, Nevada

Haha Reno…. goodness gracious! wtf…


I’ve been to Reno more times that I’d really like to count.  The coolest part of going to Reno is driving in from the East, seeing the city, and going, “Oohhh, there’s Reno!”  After that it’s terrible.

Be sure to get a photo of the Reno sign — especially if you’re a Reno 911 fan —  and leave, right away.


Make the extra effort to make it to Sacramento, realize that it’s just as bad as Reno, and head straight for the Carmel Highlands, on California Highway 1, just south of Monterrey.


Though, Reno is not a bad place to stop and get cheap gas before you get into Cali and pay upwards of $4.85 a gallon, during peak travel times, former Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson said it best when he cracked, “Reno is a bet methy, don’tcha thenk?”


P.S. The slots are just as…

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Money Train: Take An Amtrak Half Way Across The US

My thoughts on Amtrak….


Joe Biden did not pay me to write this post.

I say take an Amtrak half way across The US because I did the full trip and without paying for vastly overpriced sleeper car, traintracking the across the entire US is grueling, expensive — eight-dollar two-dollar convenience store hamburger, anyone? — and around day four you’ll be looking for ways to claw your way out of the passenger car you’ve been stuck in for the last ninety-six hours, wishing you taken an airplane to Miami Beach instead of gripping the rails the hurling boxcar of claustrophobic doom you chose, instead.

2014-02-07 07.42.03

The best part of the trip is the stretch from California to Colorado, where you’ll traverse through hidden canyons, and get some great photos ops of old high desert factories.

2014-02-07 07.45.57

If you take the trip in winter, from California to DC, once you arrive in Chicago, be sure to walk…

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New Project: Matthew’s USA Travel Guide



I’ve traveled over a half a million miles in this country, to well over 1,500 cities, if not ore than that, I made a travel TV pilot, and I decided to turn all of that into a USA travel guide for the rest of us.

It’s going great, so far.  I snagged 200 readers, 89 Twitter followers, and well over 100 blog post likes in the first 48 hours, and I’m working on bringing in some killer guest writers.

Check it out!

Burbank Trichloroethelyne (TCE) Public Education Campaign


One of’s top priorities is educating communities about the dangers of subsurface vapor intrusion.  Recently, a video campaign was run in Burbank, California which generated over 43,000 viewers in less than 72 hours.  It turned out, many people in the community were not aware of the potential risks they faced from exposure to harmful TCE vapor.


Rudess Morgenstein Project: Live In Philadelphia


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Rudess Morgenstein Project is:

Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater, Dixie Dreggs)- keyboards
Rod Morgenstein (Winger, Dixie Dreggs, Berklee College of Music)- drums

‘Electric Sheep in HD’

Created by Scott Draves

Original film compiled by
Simon Detheridge…

For more information about Electric Sheep:

You can make these fractal animations yourself on your own computer. Check out the Electric Sheep website to learn how!

Official site: