My thoughts on Amtrak….


Joe Biden did not pay me to write this post.

I say take an Amtrak half way across The US because I did the full trip and without paying for vastly overpriced sleeper car, traintracking the across the entire US is grueling, expensive — eight-dollar two-dollar convenience store hamburger, anyone? — and around day four you’ll be looking for ways to claw your way out of the passenger car you’ve been stuck in for the last ninety-six hours, wishing you taken an airplane to Miami Beach instead of gripping the rails the hurling boxcar of claustrophobic doom you chose, instead.

2014-02-07 07.42.03

The best part of the trip is the stretch from California to Colorado, where you’ll traverse through hidden canyons, and get some great photos ops of old high desert factories.

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If you take the trip in winter, from California to DC, once you arrive in Chicago, be sure to walk…

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