Haha Reno…. goodness gracious! wtf…


I’ve been to Reno more times that I’d really like to count.  The coolest part of going to Reno is driving in from the East, seeing the city, and going, “Oohhh, there’s Reno!”  After that it’s terrible.

Be sure to get a photo of the Reno sign — especially if you’re a Reno 911 fan —  and leave, right away.


Make the extra effort to make it to Sacramento, realize that it’s just as bad as Reno, and head straight for the Carmel Highlands, on California Highway 1, just south of Monterrey.


Though, Reno is not a bad place to stop and get cheap gas before you get into Cali and pay upwards of $4.85 a gallon, during peak travel times, former Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson said it best when he cracked, “Reno is a bet methy, don’tcha thenk?”


P.S. The slots are just as…

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